The Art of Living.

When you’re engaged and energized — in mind, body and spirit — you’re at your best. That’s the goal of The Art of Living, our innovative, research-based wellness program that provides classes and resources focused on vital dimensions of wellness: physical health, intellectual stimulation, social engagement, spiritual connection, and even vocational opportunities. It’s uniquely designed to help you maintain your quality of life and your independence. With over 90% of our residents participating, it’s easy to stay motivated. And it’s fun!

In addition to our on-site wellness program, residents enjoy membership privileges at Heritage Village Country Club and Riverwalk Athletic Club.

Your wellness. Your pace.

Like yoga or Zumba? There’s a class for you. Prefer to work out at your own pace? Our certified wellness coordinator will create a customized program for you. And it’s more than fitness. Gain the most from your smartphone and tablet with technology classes. Join a book club, a discussion group or the resident council. We can even help you become a volunteer or mentor and share your knowledge with residents and the wider community. Your well-being is your highest priority and ours, too.