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Our Team

Pomperaug Woods boasts a beautiful campus, wonderful services and amenities, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This outstanding community has come together in so many positive ways, and it is all to the credit of the wonderful staff. From housekeeping to dining services, from maintenance to transportation, from nursing to rehabilitative services, every single member of our team makes a vital contribution to the care and comfort that our residents enjoy every day. The Pomperaug Woods Executive Leadership Team that oversees the operations of the entire community are some of the most dedicated professionals in the business. Their experience, their education, and their devotion to excellence are at the very heart of what makes Pomperaug Woods the premier Senior Living Community that it is today.

caregiver serving 3 women at lunch table
caregiver smiling at resident at lunch

The Pomperaug Woods Executive Leadership Team is never more than a phone call away. Reach out to them at any time with a question, a request, a suggestion, or an idea. They are the most inclusive, innovative, dynamic senior living management team you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. Schedule a visit. Pull up a chair for a meeting. Pick up the phone for a conversation. They make it their business to develop personal connections, and to help educate anyone who is researching senior living options. They are personable. They are honest. They are caring. And they want only the best for all seniors.

We are so proud to introduce you to the Pomperaug Woods Executive Leadership Team…

Kevin Moshier

Executive Director
[email protected]
203-262-6555 x117

Vicki Gyba-Marshall

Associate Executive Director
[email protected]
203-262-6555 x113

Mike Miller

Director of Facilities
[email protected]
203-262-6555 x119

Leigh Schultz

Director of Marketing
[email protected]
203-262-6555 x112

Kate Petersen

Director of Resident Health Services
[email protected]
203-262-6555 x172

Lisa Huebenthal

Director of Community Life
[email protected]
203-262-6555 x144

Dennis Fitzgerald

Director of Nursing
[email protected]
203-262-6555 x136

Courtney Hall

Director of Social Services
[email protected]
203-262-6555 x116

Alanna Licursi-Rich

Director of Therapeutic Recreation
[email protected]
203-262-6555 x142

Lana Smolitsky

Director of Finance
[email protected]
203-262-6555 x124

Liz Sheehan

Director of Human Resources
[email protected]
203-262-6555 x115

Janel Beard

Clinical Admission Director
[email protected]
203-262-6555 x122

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