Start your caregiving journey with a phone call…

When you call the Pomperaug Woods Memory Care line — (203) 403-7584 — your call is answered by a Memory Care Clinical Admissions Liaison with decades of experience in memory care support.  Just one conversation with a clinical admission liaison will help get you up to speed on everything from the signs and symptoms of dementia, to the pros and cons of living in a memory care residence vs home care.  Rest assured, there are many supportive, individualized care options available to your loved one that will enhance their quality of life.  You just need to find the care option that is right for your family.

Pomperaug Woods takes a unique approach to early-stage memory care…

At Pomperaug Woods, we have focused our decades of medical and caregiving expertise into facilitating the “Heartfelt Connections” memory care program. This is a specially designed program developed by Life Care Services and only available at Life Care communities.

First, this unique program centers on assisted living residents with early-stage dementia. That means our residents still engage in an active, independent lifestyle, and the supports we put in place to specifically address dementia issues serve to prioritize safety, foster self-esteem, and encourage socialization. This individualized approach to memory care provides the highest quality of life possible to those with dementia.

Second, our Heartfelt Connections program takes a distinctively individualized approach to care, where our residents follow their own preferences, their own timetable, and their own interests so that living at Pomperaug Woods feels exactly like living at home. And that’s because this is their home, with their favorite recliner, their favorite pastimes, and their favorite foods. Memory loss is a journey, and Pomperaug Wood’s Heartfelt Connections program aims to make that journey as meaningful as possible for both the resident and their family. We pave the way for family members to get back to the heart of happiness found in spending time with their loved one, without the worry and fears that come with being the sole caregiving resource 24/7.  

The Top 5 Reasons to choose Pomperaug Woods Memory Care:

In a nutshell, here is what makes memory care at Pomperaug Woods so unique:


The secure memory care wing at Pomperaug Woods is brand new — and it’s gorgeous.


Our Heartfelt Connections personalized approach to caregiving works to provide the highest quality of life possible to those with dementia.


There is never any annual contract. Your loved one’s residency is on a month-to-month basis for as long as you choose for them to stay at Pomperaug Woods.


Residents pay one all-inclusive value-priced monthly fee. No matter how your loved one’s health needs change, there are never any service add-ons. The monthly rate is predictable and extremely budget-friendly.


When you join the memory care community, your loved one is prioritized within the Pomperaug Wood’s continuum of care. That means if your family member’s health changes in the future and they need skilled nursing care, they will be moved to the healthcare wing at the first availability.


You don’t have to wonder if your loved one would benefit from joining the Pomperaug Woods memory care community.  They can try it out for themselves!  Our Respite Care trial option welcomes individuals to our community for a stay of 3-30 days.  Take us up on this short-term caregiving option, and see for yourself how it transforms your loved one.  There is no obligation to formally join the community, and there is no contract to sign.  This is a chance to spend up to a month experiencing a different caregiving dynamic to learn if it is the right caregiving solution for your family.  

Call us today to learn more about this unique program: (203) 403-7584.

Start your caregiving journey with a phone call.

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Navigating memory care for a loved one can be an emotional experience, but educating yourself to the spectrum of care options available to you is the key to finding the best caregiving fit for your family member.  When you’re starting your caregiving journey, look to a memory care advocate with years of experience navigating the memory care system to answer your many questions.  Pomperaug Woods is happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

New residents joining Pomperaug Woods must be 62+ years of age and have the financial means and insurance to cover all housing and care costs.
Pomperaug Woods is not a subsidized housing community, nor does it include low-income housing options.