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Meet Lyn Atkinson

This Month's Spotlighted Resident

Lyn Atkinson has a zest for living. “I absolutely love it here at Pomperaug Woods,” said Lyn. “I go to all the exercise classes and chair yoga class. And when it’s nice out, I grab my Ferrari (my fancy walker) and take walks all over campus on the new walking trails. Every Wednesday I’m up bright and early for the day trip. It’s such fun to go out to lunch and a museum for the day. Other days you’ll find me at lectures or at the Creative Arts class. I’m spoiled living here. When I’m walking down the hall and see people taking a tour of the building, I always stop and tell them how much I love it here. I want people to move here because I know they’ll enjoy it as much as I do!”

As Lyn and her husband, Edward, got older, it was Lyn’s idea to move to Pomperaug Woods. “We were in our late ‘80’s, we couldn’t climb a ladder to change a lightbulb without asking our kids for help,” said Lyn. “That wasn’t fair to the kids, so I started looking at senior living communities. As soon as I walked into Pomperaug Woods, I loved it. It’s so bright and cheerful here, and the staff and residents are all so friendly. That was it for me. We moved in and unfortunately had two unexpected health events befall us pretty quickly. First, I fell after only two weeks of living here. I was really banged up and had to go to the hospital. Instead of going back to my apartment to recuperate, I went to rehab in the health center here at Pomperaug Woods for two weeks. It was perfect! I got the extra care I needed, and it was so easy for my husband to come spend time with me. I was right in the building. Then came health event number two…We learned my husband was in the final stages of heart failure. Instead of going to the hospital, we made the choice to move him into the Pomperaug Woods health center. The staff was so kind and welcoming to me and my five children, allowing us to spend quality time with my husband in his final days. My husband passed so peacefully there, and I credit it all to the loving care the staff gave him. I can’t stress enough how important it was that I lived at Pomperaug Woods when that happened. The staff helped me through the transition, and the support, love, and care they showed me was wonderful. The whole experience gives me such peace of mind. I knew this community had the resources to care for me as my health changes in the future, but now I know that this community has the heart to carry me through any life event that may come my way in the future. Why would I live anywhere else?”

We’re so happy you’ve found peace of mind here, Lyn. We’ll always be here to support you no matter what life event comes your way.

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