Learn how we deliver peace of mind to resident Elinor Goettel and her family

When Elinor Goettel joined the Pomperaug family in December of 2010, she knew she was getting the best. After all, her daughter, a registered nurse working in Thailand, did more than her due diligence when it came to research.

“My daughter was blown away with Pomperaug Woods,” said Goettel. “She did lots of research and looked around quite a bit, but Pomperaug Woods was just wonderful.”

Elinor was initially concerned that moving to an independent living community would mean big changes in the way she lived her life.

Since moving in, Goettel has nothing but glowing reviews for Pomperaug Woods. Between the beautiful property to the variety of activities, Pomperaug has it all.

“I just absolutely love it,” raves Goettel. “ It’s just wonderful here. I love how I live a completely independent life, but if I were to ever need help there are people here ready and waiting.”

And now, Elinor’s daughter has complete peace of mind that her mom will be well cared for half a world away.

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