Do your future plans safeguard against changing needs?

Understanding the likelihood that even older adults in good health may need long-term care as they age can be a pivotal first step in building a dependable plan for the what-if’s of life. So let’s start with this:

That’s the chance healthy 65-year-old couples will have at least one partner who requires significant long-term care as they age.

While home health care stands as a preferred option for many, the expense of such services can quickly escalate. For those 44 hours a week, seniors can expect to pay more than $50,000 annually. However, if more hours of service   are needed, home health care can easily and significantly exceed the annual cost of a nursing home.

Is the average cost for 84 hours per week or 12 hours of daily care. If changing needs require 24/7 support, that average annual cost rises to $215,376. When considering the costs of long-term care — whether provided at home or in a nursing facility —it’s important to also think about the role geography can play. In areas of the country with higher-than-average overall cost of living, the amount seniors can expect to pay for care services will be higher than the national average.

It’s never too early to look ahead.

Health changes can happen out of the blue. That’s why it’s important to proactively consider how a Life Plan Community and the right insurance can prepare you for whatever tomorrow has in store.

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5 Benefits of Downsizing to a One-Bedroom Apartment for Seniors

Downsizing to an apartment for seniors has many benefits. If you’re living in a large house with unused rooms, a smaller home is simply more comfortable and maintaining it is  less stressful. There are fewer rooms to clean, and utilities are cheaper. A maintenance-provided lifestyle in a community like Pomperaug Woods also means you won’t have household chores like painting, mowing or shoveling snow to worry about. Here are 10 benefits of downsizing to an apartment for seniors you may not have anticipated:

1. You’re Not Tied Down with a Mortgage

In a Life Plan Community  like Pomperaug Woods, you pay an entrance fee and a monthly fee. You don’t pay a mortgage or other homeownership expenses such as property tax. If you decide to move elsewhere, you don’t have to sell a property that’s subject to the ups and downs of the real estate market.

2. You’ll Find Housecleaning  a Breeze

Making sure your new home looks its best is quick and easy when it’s a small space. With fewer household items,you’ll spend less time vacuuming carpets and sofas, dusting surfaces and tidying up.
At Pomperaug Woods, we know you’re  considering downsizing  to an apartment for seniors because you have better things to do with your time. If that’s so, it might interest you to know we include weekly housekeeping and flat linen laundry service with your monthly fee.

3. You’ll Trim Down Your Possessions

Own a lawn mower? 12-foot ladder? Snow shovel? Time to sell these or give them away. Downsizing to an apartment for seniors forces you to declutter and get rid of things you no longer need. But downsizing is also very liberating. You’ll be  less likely to fill up your new home with impulse buys, because you’ll have limited storage. Deciding what to keep and display in your living space means cultivating more intentionality about what’s truly important to you.

4. You Have More Opportunities for Socializing

Sometimes, living in a big house in the suburbs can feel isolated after children move out or if you live alone. Downsizing to a senior apartment puts you in the middle of a ready-made community of neighbors. You’ll have opportunities to meet new people your age when you work out in a fitness class, join a group for an outing or event, or take part in a community club or activity.

5. You’ll Economize on Home Expenses

Cleaning supplies, seasonal decorations, stockpiles of food or other items — you’ll simply spend less on these when you downsize. You won’t be paying for help to clean your home or repair appliances.
A smaller home minimizes your utility bill, since you’re not heating or cooling a large house with unused rooms. You also won’t need to foot property tax bills or HOA fees.

6. You Can Gift Precious Items to Your Family

Downsizing to an apartment for seniors is a great time to identify and pass down those prized possessions to your children and grandchildren. This way you get to share the stories behind why items are meaningful to you and get a kick out of knowing they’re appreciated by the next generation.

7. You Can Benefit Those in Need

Give your unused, unneeded, and unwanted appliances, furniture, clothes, and other household items to people who can really use them. Donations of secondhand belongings in good condition are always welcome at your local thrift stores, churches and shelters.

8. You Won’t Need to Drive as Often

Downsizing to an apartment for seniors puts you steps away from essential services and amenities.
At Pomperaug Woods, a fitness center, dining rooms and café, convenience store, banking and postal services, and full-service hair and nail salon are on our campus. You’ll also find a library, creative arts studio, billiards room, and a card and game room in the clubhouse. We offer door-to-door scheduled transportation to local shops and other venues, including to the Riverwalk Athletic Club or Heritage Country Club, where you’ll have membership privileges.

9. You’ll Reduce the Risk of a Fall

A home that was right for your family years ago may not be a safe choice for you now. Flights of stairs, dim lighting or slippery bathtubs become more hazardous as we age. You can remove these risks and greatly improve your quality of life by downsizing to an apartment for seniors that’s smaller, and more accessible. Choosing a floor plan without stairs, and with modifications already built in, such as a step-in bath or lower kitchen cabinets, can really improve quality of life.

10. You’ll Have Added Support When You Need It

As a resident of Pomperaug Woods, you’ll gain lifetime priority access to a continuum of on-site healthcare  options. If you ever need help with activities of daily living, our assisted living program lets you determine which kinds of services and assistance you need. You can maintain your personal routines and enjoy maximum independence, knowing you’ll always get the right help at the right time.

Discover “The Art of Living Well”

Downsizing to an apartment for seniors doesn’t mean you’ll be  getting less out of life. Far from it.

At Pomperaug Woods, you’ll find intriguing opportunities on every corner of our naturally beautiful 22-acre campus. The Art of Living Well, our innovative, research-based wellness program, provides classes and resources for your physical health, social engagement, and spiritual connection. It also deepens a sense of purpose and satisfaction with life through vocational and volunteer activities.   Tour the variety of  floor plans we have currently available. The sooner you move in, the sooner you can be part of the energizing Pomperaug Woods lifestyle. Call 203-262-6555 to learn more or schedule a personal tour.