Even though parts of the Northeast have already experienced record snowfall this year, we’re not at all worried about the weather here at Pomperaug Woods retirement community.

That’s because we have a tried-and-true snow plan all ready to go. So if we happen to get a big snow, life goes on as normal.

  • The meals are as hot and delicious as ever … thanks to our dedicated staff.
  • The atmosphere inside is warm and delightful … thanks to upbeat, friendly neighbors who thoroughly enjoy the Art of Living at Pomperaug Woods.
  • The snow is no trouble at all … thanks to our indoor activities such as exercise classes and concerts or simply visiting with friends.

In fact, some Pomperaug Woods residents say this is the first time in years they’ve actually enjoyed a beautiful blanket of snow! Now doesn’t that sound a lot more inviting than worrying about who’s going to shovel the front walk at your home?

Join us for lunch: Please be our guest for a warm and friendly wintertime lunch. Just call 203-590-7495 or complete this form to let us know when you would like to visit.

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